Return to the Blog and Update on Recent Events

I enjoy having a blog, I feel like I have a lot to say, but I don’t have a lot of time to say it.

At least, that’s what I tell myself, “I just don’t have time today,” I say. Meanwhile I find I waste countless hours every week doing not much of anything but staring at the computer or my iPhone or my iPad. I’ve decided that in 2014 I’m going to spend less time on mindless activity like laying on the couch and watching TV and inevitably falling asleep, and more time being creative, learning, writing, reading, and working out.

There, now that that’s out of the way, let me show you what I’ve been up to since August:

In September my girlfriend and I took a trip to London, Paris, and Normandy. Here is our view from our stop in Etretat, made famous in several Monet paintings. The next day we saw the D-Day beaches and the American Cemetary, some of the most moving and patriotic places I’ve ever seen.


For six weeks in October and November I worked, studied, and practiced to get my endorsement to fly complex aircraft (those with retractable landing gear, constant speed propeller, etc). I was overjoyed to find out that another nearby airport, Trenton-Robbinsville (N87), had a Mooney M20J-201 for rent. It has always been one of my favorite aircraft, and the type I would buy for myself if I were to get an airplane. So I decided to get my complex rating in the Mooney, which is one of my best decisions of 2013.


I’m sure I’ll write a lot more about the Mooney, as it is such a challenging yet rewarding airplane to fly, and an opportunity has come up to buy one with another pilot friend of mine! Stay tuned!

Happy New Year!


Heavy Iron: Airbus A340-600



Just prior to boarding on my trip to Shanghai in Spring 2012. I would be on that airplane for nearly 17 hours direct JFK-PVG. What an amazing feat of engineering.

It’s actually a complicated trip to think about. Soon after I returned, a long-term relationship ended. Soon after that, I started flight training. Now a year later, there is still some sadness, ¬†way deep down.

But life goes on.

A year later, I’m a licensed pilot, and it’s one of my happiest accomplishments.

And I just booked a trip to France with my new girlfriend. We’re flying on a 777.