Flight to Boston

Last weekend I flew up to Boston, landing at KOWD, to pick up my girlfriend. I brought my instructor and inadvertently completed my long IFR cross-country flight.

This was the first flight I filed and flew in the IFR system, and it went very well. I still need a lot of practice to be able to stay ahead of the airplane on the busy arrival segment, but overall it was extremely satisfying to plan and complete the flight and fly as precisely as IFR requires.

Although I wore view-limiting goggles throughout the flight, my girlfriend snapped some photos on our return trip.





Jersey Shore flight

I was laying on the beach a few Sundays ago watching the endless stream of banner-towing Cubs fly by at 500 feet. I was envious and curious to see the beach from their perspective.

So I called and reserved an airplane the next weekend, and flew my girlfriend out to the coast and all the way down the shore to Ocean City, NJ. The weather was pleasant, sunny and very hot. The clouds stayed annoyingly low for the entire day, which didn’t bother me much since I wanted to be low over the beach. But 1500 feet doesn’t give you a lot of options if the engine decides to cough. Plenty of stretches of open beach were soothing to see.

Approaching the shoreline near Asbury Park, at 1500 feet with VFR flight following from McGuire Approach 124.15

Ramp at 26N Ocean City, NJ20130805-235001.jpg

Unfortunately we only had time for lunch, but the diner on the airport was very good. Next time I’ll reserve the airplane a little longer and maybe go to the beach!